Inspire Airbrush ICE FX

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ICE Fx is a self-activated coating that works over a smooth or sanded surface and achieves full crystallization in about ten to twenty minutes. Using ICE Fx you have the ability to create the final unique pattern and create effects which are truly amazing!

Apply ICE Fx on motorcycle tanks & guards, feature panels on motor cars, trucks, caravans, boats, jet skis, surfboards, skateboards, bench and counter tops and almost any other object.


ICE Fx is inexpensive and simple to use, with a little practice almost anyone can become an expert. Simply follow our easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

  • Prepare and paint the surface with your choice of our Base colors. This base color will become the colour that shows as the lines through the crystals.
  • Apply the ICE Fx in a lighter coat for small crystals and a wet or heavy coat to achieve the large crystal effect across the surface.
  • ICE Fx will achieve full crystallization usually within 10 - 20 minutes at an average temp of 20 oC - 25 oC. Wait for complete forming of crystals on the entire area you are working.
  • By applying heat you can force the crystals to dry quickly, this will result in a larger medium woven crystals. While allowing them to air dry will produce smaller more densely spaced crystals. Generally the higher the heat, the larger the pattern and the cooler the more fine and woven the pattern shall be.
  • Once dry, Now apply your contrasting color (the color that will be shown through the spaces in the crystals). Apply this coat in a light dusting action. Note: Take care to apply only a light coat as a wet coat of paint will make it harder to remove the crystals.
  • Using lots of warm water and a rag or sponge, scrub off the crystals. This will leave you with a very pronounced crystal design.
  • Allow any excess water to dry.
  • Apply our 2K Show Clear for a Real Deep Gloss finish

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