2K Show Clear
2K Show Clear
2K Show Clear
2K Show Clear

2K Show Clear

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2K Show Clear is a Premium High Solids Urethane Clear coat is a high solid clear coat formulated to provide easy application, easy polishing, and long pot life. 2K Show Clear offers an excellent high gloss finish, great flow and anti-sagging properties. 2K Show Clear is suitable for all top-quality overall, spot and panel finishes. This clear coat resists shrinkage and die back, and retains its glossy appearance whether baked or air-dried. And with advanced UV filters and absorbers, your finishes keep their beauty longer.

  • Premium 2K Urethane Clear
  • Excellent Hardness; Chemical Resistance & Flexibility

The mixing ratio:

  • 2 parts Clear-coat
  • 1 part Activator

2K Show Clear Kits:

1 Gallon 2K Show Clear Kit: Total Mix - 1.5 Gallons of Clear-coat.

  • 1 Gallon Clear-coat.
  • 2 Quarts Activator

1 Quart 2K Show Clear Kit: Total mix - 1.5 Quarts of Clear-coat.

  • 1 Quart Clear-coat.
  • 1 Pint Activator.



EXISTING FINISH: Sand surface with P600-P800 wet or P500-P600 dry, and then clean with Cleaner/Degreaser. Mask object/area to eliminate unwanted overspray. Use a tack cloth to remove any surface contaminates that may have settled on the basecoat.






Flash between coats:

After First Coat = 10-15 minutes

After Second coat = 15-20 minutes

Out of Booth: 30—60 minutes

(depending on temperature)


Purge time: 15 minutes.

Cycle Time: 40 minutes @ 140ºF/60ºC metal temperature.

Dust Free: After full cool down.

Refer to the infrared manufacturer’s guide for setup recommendations.


Dry and cure times are dependent on air movement, temperature and film builds.



2K Show Clear may be repaired and recoated after 12-24 hours at 70° F/21° C. 2K Show Clear may be repaired and recoated when force dried after 1 hour cool down.


Clean equipment immediately after use according to local regulations.



Air Dry:             After 24 hours

Force Dry:           1 hours after cool down.

Sanding:             Use 2000 grit wet or finer. Or use 2000 DA or finer.

Compounding:  Use finishing compound. Apply a thin ribbon of material to the area to be polished. Use a double-sided wool polishing pad or a foam pad. Maintain air polisher or variable speed buffer at 1800-3000 rpm. Remove excess finishing compound with a clean, soft cloth prior to applying finishing polish.

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